Commercial General Contracting

Written proposals with various types of contractual agreements- Our proposals reflect not only the scope of work to be performed but they attempt to clarify undefined items and list those items not included in the proposal. Contract type examples are cost-plus, design and build, guaranteed maximum price, lump-sum, and time and materials.

Preconstruction services

These are typically fee based services customized to the needs of each project. Our clients often respond that these services added much in value to the process in terms of lower costs and improved design.

Providing leadership of the construction project

We can fill the need for leadership especially when there are multiple parties to a project. Leadership starts with an understanding of the desired result, the ability to direct the means and methods used and equally important the ability to communicate effectively with all of the individuals and firms involved in the project.

  • Each project is maintained and shared with all collaborators on the construction management platform called Procore
    • Manages communications from the trades and design team (RFI’s and submittals) 
    • Manages project plans and revisions 
    • Establishes meeting agendas and records meeting minutes
    • Presents current construction sequencing and scheduling information
    • Provides progress updates with the work performed using a daily log report
    • Provides progress updates with the current photos that are uploaded

A complete closeout binder is issued with technical information, a project directory, as built plans, maintenance, and warranty information for the client’s future use

Some examples of the business sectors we have provided services for: corporate offices, retail establishments, veterinary facilities, swimming facilities and public pools, medical facilities, education & preschools, aviation facilities, country clubs, laboratories, industrial, civil construction, detention Centers, religious organizations, and others.