Construction Management

Preconstruction services

Fee based services that provide the traction needed to get a project started right. Too often people rely on free estimates that yield little to act on.

Course of construction adviser/advocate

When unforeseen things happen you want a firm with experience to mitigate negative impacts and understands the contractual obligations of other parties to the project.

Oversite of the construction process

Because of the complexity and the number of firms that are involved in most projects the leadership role becomes essential for successful outcomes for all. We can provide the appropriate amount of oversite to suit your project.

Quality control

To provide a quality project we ensure adherence to the plans and specifications from start to finish. We start with an understanding of our clients’ expectations and ensure that each individual working on the project is aware and capable of meeting those standards.

Compliance with safety, insurance, local regulations

We have an outstanding record of compliance in each category. Our informed and well-trained staff are supported by numerous professionals to ensure that we work safe and follow regulations.

Financial management

We are experienced in handling complex financial issues ranging from budgeting, forecasting, monthly payment applications, trade and vendor payables. We manage the finances of each project and our overall business with responsible professionalism.

Closeout services

We handle all that is needed in the closeout process as required for each project. We provide closeout binders on paper and digitally with everything from directories of all trades and vendors, paint schedules for touch up, operating instructions, complete submittal documents, owner’s manuals, warranty cards so when you need to know what type of light bulb to buy three years later to match the rest you’ll know where to go.