Owners Representation

Preconstruction Services

Fee based services that provide the traction needed to get a project started right. Too often people rely on free estimates that yield little to act on.

Course of construction adviser/advocate

When unforeseen things happen you want a firm with experience to mitigate negative impacts and understands the contractual obligations of other parties to the project.

Dispute resolution

Disputes sometimes arise, we pride ourselves on our record of resolving them quickly and amiably. We’ve helped several individuals that weren’t our clients get resolve with disputes that they had related to construction projects we were not involved in.

Building maintenance

Often overlooked or misunderstood as being an essential part of life span of a project. We assist our clients in advising them on what is needed and how frequently to maintain optimum performance and to avoid costly repairs due to neglect.

Long term planning

Provides for maintenance programs, and budgeting for decades that account for the replacement of critical infrastructure and equipment based on their anticipated life cycles.

Project at 17-17 Roosevelt Ave Queens, NY

A prime example how we played a key role in the successful redevelopment of large commercial site. The original buildings were removed, adjacent buildings and properties were restored, the various utilities were readied for the redevelopment of a mixed-use high rise building.