Goldfish Swim Schools

A national franchisor providing lifesaving swimming instructions.

Various franchisees

Multiple locations in NJ, PA & NY

Architect: Krieger Klatt, Anzalone Architecture PLLC, Brian S. Gill, RA, TDG Architects; and Innovative Aquatic Design, LLC.

The Challenge

Each location had its significant challenges as these projects are unique in their complexities. All required strict adherence to integrated technical systems to operate to the brands performance standards and to the codes set by each state and city having jurisdiction.

The results

We successfully managed to reclassify the space in Wyckoff, NJ allowing us to remove exposed fireproofing material at the roof structure not needed enabling us to coat the underside of the entire roof structure with specialty epoxy coatings suitable for natatoriums

We were instrumental in locating a space in Closter, NJ allowing us to convert a former warehouse space into a second location for our previous client that required major structural steel alterations to allow space for the pool

Our third location was ground up construction requiring months of extensive site work improvements that took into consideration unstable soil conditions and provided for storm water retention using permeable pavement

Our fourth location also required major structural steel alterations to convert a typical retail space in a strip mall into a swimming pool facility

Our fifth and most challenging concurrent project was to convert two adjoining weakened structures built at different times over a hundred years ago in Brooklyn NY.  We overcame difficult logistics in an urban setting, poor soil conditions that required separation before disposal and the use of Geofoam lightweight fill to compensate for the limited soil bearing capacity.  

Our sixth location was the complete renovation of three adjoining structures that required major structural steel, concrete, and masonry work to allow for the largest pool in the Goldfish portfolio  

We met the challenge by performing all that was required of us directly and by providing leadership on all the other aspects being provided by others