Lightbridge Academy Corporate

Fort Lee, NJ
Architect: J. A. Mihalik

The challenge

To create a children’s daycare facility with indoor and outdoor requirements within a corporate office park in Fort Lee, NJ. The project required changing the originally planned outdoor playground area to be raised off the ground due to unforeseen underground utilities conflicts.

The result

  • We avoided potentially costly disruption to underground utilities by providing conceptual solutions refined by the architect that resulted in successfully building the first of its kind raised play area 
  • Working closely with the architect we successfully constructed the first raised play area complete with all the features like water sprinkler systems that the brand required
  • All work was performed and inspected according to stringent regulations by the various state and local authorities having jurisdiction

  • Varied exterior and interior renovations performed
  • From framing to custom millwork to new exterior structures
  • Complete overhauls of the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.  The entire heating system relied on electrical power as natural gas was not supplied to the complex.
  • A business relationship that yielded other projects in NJ with both the client and the architect
Upon viewing our finished work Guy Falzarano the founder of Lightbridge Academy commented that we had “raised the bar on quality and problem solving” based on previous buildouts by others