A luxury day spa service provider with multiple locations in the region.

Various clients were brought to us by the national service provider FC Dadson.

Architect: R. Gary Glueck, Architecture and EMR Engineering and Design, PLLC

The Challenge

To create luxury day spa facilities in NJ and NY.

Locations in Bridgewater, Cedar Knolls, Clark, Montvale, Ridgewood NJ and Thornwood NY

The Result

  • We met the challenge by performing all that was required of us directly and by providing leadership on all the other aspects being provided by others 
  • All work was successfully performed and inspected according to stringent regulations by the various state and local authorities having jurisdiction
  • We provided alterations to existing plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems   
  • A finished space that  provides all the luxury and comfort that the branding called for